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CLOSING SOON: AIS community leader report on participation

Dear SIGOPEN members and non-members,

We want to know how we can improve your ability to participate in the AIS Special Interest Group on Open Research and Practice (SIGOPEN). To help us understand barriers to participation, we encourage you to complete the 15-minute survey linked below.

This survey is administered by SIG-Social Inclusion and supported by the AIS Leadership Council. The goal is to learn about members’ perceptions of inclusion and exclusion in the SIG-OPEN and broader AIS. We urge all members—irrespective of whether you perceive barriers to your participation or not—to help the AIS community improve member experiences and social inclusion practices.

You are not required to share your personally-identifiable information and all questions are voluntary. The survey deadline has been extended to this Friday, September 15, 2017.

Thank you on behalf of SIGOPEN and SIG-Social Inclusion.

If you have questions about the survey, please contact Jaime Windeler:

Job Opening – Post-Doctoral Researcher (Transparency and Openness) in Cork, Ireland

Dear Colleagues,

The Cork University Business School, University College Cork, and the Technology-Enabled Organizational Transparency and Openness project (TOTO) are pleased to invite applications for a full time post-doctoral research position.

The TOTO project was established in October 2012. The project’s output to date includes dissemination of 20 research publications, co-organizing 18 international research events, and co-editing a special issue of the Journal of Information Technology. In December 2014, the TOTO project also played a key role in the formation of AIS SIGOPEN (Association of Information Systems Special Interest Group on Open Research and Practice), which was awarded Outstanding SIG designation by the AIS in both 2015 and 2016. TOTO is hosted by Business Information Systems in the Cork University Business School, University College Cork.

TOTO engages in two major streams of activity: (1) conducting empirical research on open phenomena, and (2) supporting the international openness research community through events, journal special issues, and the activities of SIGOPEN.

For the next three years (Q4 2017 to Q4 2020), TOTO’s empirical work will focus on investigating the business models, organizational forms, and ecosystems, that enable individuals, organizations, and communities to sustainably create and capture value through legal, technological, socio-cultural, and organizational openness.

The successful candidate will work within a team including the principal investigators, associate investigators, and post-graduate students, and will play a major role in designing and executing this research agenda within a range of related domains (e.g. open software/hardware/content/design; open innovation and co-creation; open science and education; sharing/collaborative/peer economy; etc.).

Project work will also involve collaboration and knowledge exchange with several allied research groups in the USA, Europe, and Australia, and coordination roles in international research events. The project has a strong ethos of mentorship and professional development and an ambitious publication agenda, and will provide the successful candidate with a collegial and supportive environment to establish themselves and their careers within the wider Information Systems community.

Full position details:

Please do pass on information about this exciting opportunity to all recent/eminent PhD researchers in your team, institution, or network.


Joseph Feller
Bank of Ireland Professor of Business Information Systems
Head of Business Information Systems

University College Cork, Ireland
T +353 (0)21 490 3337