[CFP] SIGOPEN Pre-ICIS 2017 Workshop on Open Phenomena

Dear Colleagues,

We are extremely excited to announce the SIGOPEN 2017 Developmental Workshop for Research on Open Phenomena, collocated with ICIS 2017 (http://icis2017.aisnet.org/) in Seoul, Korea, on December 9th, 2017.

Building on the success of previous workshops at ECIS in 2013 and 2015,  and ICIS in 2013, 2015, and 2016, AIS SIGOPEN invites researchers to submit extended abstracts to the SIGOPEN 2017 Developmental Workshop for Research on Open Phenomena in the following broad areas:

  • The Peer Production of Knowledge Goods, e.g.:
    • Open source software, hardware, content and design,
    • The Sharing Economy,
    • Collaborative Consumption,
    • Openness as a driver of innovation, creator of economic activity, and agent for social well-being.
  • Collective Intelligence, Action and Resources, e.g.:
    • Open innovation and co-creation,
    • The wisdom, wealth, and power of crowds,
    • Social media in extreme events and social innovation,
    • Volunteer computing,
    • Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.
  • Open Science and Education, e.g.:
    • Open data and data management challenges,
    • Open publishing, micro-scholarship, and open peer-review,
    • Open teaching, learning, and educational resources,
    • Citizen Science and Responsible Research and Innovation,
    • Barriers and enablers for shared and collaborative scientific research,
    • Progressing shared, open science across disciplines.

The focus of the workshop is on research project design and paper development. We invite you to present your research-in-progress. The SIGOPEN workshop is amenable to new ideas, and is open to all interested scholars and professionals who are researching in the area of openness as broadly conceived above. The unique and collegial character of the workshop will help ensure constructive, helpful, and high-quality feedback. This is a great opportunity for you to mature your ideas, meet other researchers in related areas, and learn about emerging research in a relaxed and supportive setting.

Papers will be presented, and then workshopped in small group discussions in a round-table format. Participants will be expected to read papers beforehand and comment on other papers in their group. The goal is to help move the work forward to research execution and/or publication in other venues.

Workshop Submissions:

Those interested in sharing and discussing their research-in-progress should submit an extended abstract of seven (7) single-spaced pages using the submission template. All text, figures, tables, and appendices must be included within the page limit. The cover page, abstract, keywords, and references are excluded from this page count. Submissions should be emailed to Matt Levy (mlevy@hpu.edu).

Workshop papers will be hosted on the workshop page at http://sigopen.org. Copyright remains with authors.

Workshop Dates:
Submission Date: October 4th
Notification of Acceptance to the Workshop: October 20th
Workshop: December 9th

Workshop Organizing Committee:
Joseph Feller – University College Cork
Matt Germonprez – University of Nebraska at Omaha
Georg Link – University of Nebraska at Omaha
Matt Levy – Hawaii Pacific University
Lorraine Morgan – LERO, NUI Galway
Daniel Schlagwein – UNSW Business School

Local Organizing Chair:
Matt Levy – Hawaii Pacific University