CFP: HICSS 2016 Minitrack – Digital Service Innovations based on “Open” Phenomena and Practices

HICSS 2016 Minitrack – Digital Service Innovations based on “Open” Phenomena and Practices January 5-8, 2016, Grand Hyatt, Kauai, Website:

Value produced by digital service innovation is disrupting established markets as well as generating entirely new ones. The innovations come from many different sources: traditional R&D, cross-industry initiatives, new entrants that displace incumbents in traditional industries and more and more from open development processes or crowdsourcing of new ideas from consumers as existing or potential customers. This minitrack focuses on those open phenomena and practices. Examples new kind of development openness include, for example: the opening of the vast data resources collected by authorities and different governmental units, the increasing availability of new open sensor data (for example, from mobile devices),
and innovation contests. We seek novel research describing innovative services or service systems that are created. The submissions can be research papers, case studies, or practitioner reports related new service development and their implications.

Opening up the development of processes and crowdsourcing these services provide new opportunities and challenges. Developer driven voluntary innovation communities such as open data and open source offer a rich source for new insights. Developers, consumers and citizens can provide new ideas, but do not necessarily have the expertise, interest or resources to develop them further, which in turn opens up possibilities for established companies and new start-ups.

This year we are especially interested on research related to the open digital services innovation and development processes. Answering these questions is pivotal from the perspectives of business research and policy making. Studies employing design research as well as either qualitative or quantitative research methods are all welcomed. We will provide a fast track for best papers to a journal, and for this we have already contacted a few journals.

We will provide a fast track for best papers to a journal.

Relevant topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • Novel approaches to crowdsourcing new digital service ideas
  • Novel approaches to development of new digital services
  • Business value of digital service innovations
  • Business model destruction/creation caused by digital service
  • Open data service ecosystems
  • Applications and models utilizing “quantified self” data
  • Mydata/Midata and similar personal data management approaches
  • Location and sensor data based digital services
  • Open data infrastructures
  • Privacy issues related to open data and open data services


  • June 15: Submit full manuscripts for review. The review is double-blind; therefore this submission must be without author names.
  • August 15: Acceptance notices are emailed to authors by the Review System. At least one author of each accepted paper must immediately make plans to attend the conference, including initiating fiscal, visa, or other travel guarantees.
  • September 15: Accepted authors submit Final Paper. Early Registration fee deadline. At least one author of each paper should register by Sept 15 in order secure publication in the Conference Proceedings.

Mini-Track Chairs:

Juho Lindman (Primary Contact)
Hanken School of Economics
juho lindman at

Matti Rossi
Aalto University School of Business
matti.rossi at

Virpi Tuunainen
Aalto University School of Business
virpi.tuunainen at