SIGOPEN: Call for AMCIS 2018 Mini-tracks

Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to announce that SIGOPEN will be hosting a track at AMCIS 2018. We are now soliciting mini-tracks and we strongly encourage you to submit a proposal.

Title of Track: Openness in Research and Practice (SIGOPEN)

Track Co-Chairs:
1. Matt Germonprez, University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA
2. Daniel Schlagwein, University of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

Description of Track:
The track seeks research papers in all things related to “openness” and the sharing of information in organizations and society. Papers in this track will be those that share new ideas about theoretical and empirical research on the wide range of phenomena emerging at the intersection of Information Systems and various forms of legal, technological, organizational, and societal openness. Relevant topics for papers include: New modes of knowledge creation embedded in open source and open content licensing, radical inclusivity of the crowd to share knowledge, effort and value, the tearing down of traditional organizational boundaries to enable new forms of innovation, or the reinvention of commons or open spaces to share information related to education, science, and democratic participation. Openness continues to be a transformative force that demands the rigorous and considered investigation of the Information Systems community. This track provides a forum to further our understanding of these dynamic and complex ideas.

Seed ideas for potential Mini-tracks include:
1. Breakthroughs in Openness in Science, Research and Pedagogy
2. Breakthroughs in Openness in Organizations and Society
3. Open Community Health: Measuring and Understanding Open Communities
4. Open Source Software: Past, Present, and Future
5. Beyond Software: Peer Production of Hardware, Design, and Content
6. Wisdom of Crowds: Open Innovation and Collective Intelligence
7. Wealth of Crowds: Crowdfunding and Collective Resources
8. Power of Crowds: Crowdsourcing and Collective Action
9. The Citizen Crowd: Cyberdemocracy and Global Social Action
10. Open Research: Open Data and Citizen Science
11. Open Scholarship: Open Access Publications and Open Courseware

Important Timeline: 
September 20, 2017 — System opens for mini-track proposals
October 18, 2017 — Mini-track proposals due
October 25, 2017 — Track chairs’ decisions on mini-track due
November 1, 2017 — Mini-track decisions announced
January 2018 — System opens for general paper submissions

If you have questions or ideas, please let me know. I’m happy to chat about it.


Mutual of Omaha Associate Professor
Information Systems
College of Information Science & Technology
University of Nebraska Omaha