SIGOPEN Developmental Workshop at ICIS 2015


13 December 2015, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, at ICIS 2015 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.


Matt Levy – San Francisco State University
Joseph Feller – University College Cork
Matt Germonprez – University of Nebraska-Omaha
Lorraine Morgan – School of Business, Maynooth University


The SIGOPEN Developmental Workshop at ICIS 2015 is intended to support researchers investigating:

– The Peer Production of Knowledge Goods (e.g. open source software, hardware, content and design; the collaborative economy and the sharing society; etc.),
– Collective Intelligence, Action and Resources (e.g. open innovation; the wisdom/wealth/power of crowds; social media in extreme events; citizen science; volunteer computing; crowdsourcing/funding; etc.),
– Open Science and Education (e.g. open data/access; publishing and data management conflicts; open teaching and learning; micro-scholarship; open peer-review; etc.),
– And other related topics.

The workshop includes both formal presentations and small group work mentored by internationally respected researchers. The SIGOPEN workshop is amenable to new ideas, and is open to all interested scholars and professionals who are researching in the area of openness as broadly conceived above. The unique and collegial character of the workshop ensures constructive, helpful, and high-quality feedback. The goal is to help move the work forward to publication in other venues.


  • 0830-0840 Welcome and Introduction
  • 0840-1015 Presentation Session 1
    • Kevin Crowston and Isabelle Fagnot – Stages of Motivation for Contributing User-Generated Content: An Empirical Test
    • J.P. Allen – Whatever Happened to Open Educational Resources? Assessment and Future Directions
    • AJ Million, Sean Goggins, Susan Winter, Brian Butler, Katie Shilton & Matt Germonprez – Open Online Communities
    • Trevor Clohessy, Lorraine Morgan, and Thomas Acton – Deciphering the Antecedents to IT Governance Effectiveness: A Living Laboratory Perspective
  • 1015-1030 Refreshment Break
  • 1030-1205 Presentation Session 2
    • Sandeep Goyal, Manju Ahuja, and Atreyi Kankanhalli – External Knowledge for Knowledge Creation and Innovation
    • Jaison Kuriakose and Jeffrey Parsons – Investigating the Individual Difference Predictors of the Usage of Open Source Source Code Management Tools
    • Jose Teixeira – Open-Coopetition in Complex and Networked Information Systems: The Case of WebKit
    • Jason Kuriakose and Jeffrey Parsons – A Study of the Relationships between Type, Priority, Processing Status and Size of Requirements Generated in Issue Repositories of Open Source Software Projects
  • 1205-1305 Lunch Break
  • 1305-1415 Presentation Session 3
    • Isam Faik, Prasanta Bhattacharya, and Tuan Phan – From Collective Sense-making to Collective Mindfulness: The Evolution of Online Social Movements in the “Arab Spring” Uprising
    • Amany Elbanna – A Comparative Study of Patterns of Digital Volunteering: Towards a Taxonomy
    • Timothy Olsen – Research Opportunities across the Crowdwork Lifecycle
  • 1415-1430 Refreshment Break
  • 1430-1600 Small Group Discussion
    • Groups to be finalized.
    • Non-author workshop participants should simply choose the small group of most interest to them.
  • 1600-1630 Full Group Discussion/Wrap Up