AMCIS 2016 Track – IS and Open Research and Practice

Track Description

In line with the mission of SIGOPEN, this track will bring together researchers to share new theoretical and empirical research on the wide range of phenomena emerging from the intersection of Information Systems on the one hand, and various forms of legal, technological and organizational openness, on the other. Whether it is in the new modes of knowledge creation embedded in open source and open content licensing; or the radical inclusivity of global crowds to share knowledge, effort and value; or the tearing down of traditional organizational boundaries to enable new forms of innovation; or the reinvention of fundamental “commons” like education, science, and democratic participation; there is no doubt that “openness” is a disruptive and transformative force that demands the rigorous and considered investigation of the Information Systems community.

Track Chairs

Matthew Levy, San Francisco State University,
Joseph Feller, University College Cork,
Matt Germonprez, University of Nebraska at Omaha,
Lorraine Morgan, Maynooth University,


Session: Openness, Creativity and Innovation

Friday, August 12 • 8:30am – 10:00am
Chair: Matt Germonprez – University of Nebraska at Omaha

Taking Open Innovation to the Next Level: A Conceptual Model of Social Product Development (SPD)
Kaveh Abhari, Elizabeth Davidson, Bo Sophia Xiao – University of Hawaii
AISeL Paper

“Tinkering for Creativity”: An Experiment to Utilize MaKey MaKey Invention Kit as Group Priming to Enhance Collaborative Creativity
Dominik Siemon, René Plaumann, Arne Regenberg, Yang Yuan, Zheng Liu, Susanne Robra-Bissantz – Technische Universität Braunschweig
AISeL Paper

Catalyzing Knowledge Transfer in Innovation Ecosystems through Contests
Göran Smith, Anders Hjalmarsson, Håkan Burden – Viktoria Swedish ICT
AISeL Paper

Session: Openness, Companies and Communities

Friday, August 12 • 1:30pm – 3:00pm

OSPM: A Design Methodology for Open Strategic Planning
Alireza Amrollahi, Bruce Rowlands – Griffith University
AISeL Paper

Understanding Open Source Communities as Complex Adaptive Systems: A Case of the R Project Community
Georg Link, Matt Germonprez – University of Nebraska Omaha
AISeL Paper

Shifting Design Capability to Third-Party Developers: An affordance Perspective on Platform Boundary Resources
Amir Mohagheghzadeh, Fredrik Svahn – Goteborgs Universitet
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Papers in other Sessions

A Study of Disclosure Behavior in Social Network Media: Will an Unexpected Negative Event and Personality Matter?
Vincent Cho – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
AISeL Paper

Effect of Social Networks on Requirements Engineering in Open Source Projects
Deepa Gopal – Case Western Reserve University
AISeL Paper